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EXTROEL GROUP is a Russian company, leader in the developing and producing modern industrial lubricants and additives of a new generation which guarantee internal upgrade and higher production capacities of the machineries and plants. For this reason our company is recognized as one of the major worldwide experts in the field of innovative technologies.
The company appeared on the Russian market in 2002 and, in a while, it has established a network of relationships with various partners, based on the trustworthy and reliability of its products and services.

In a rapidly changing world, technological progress does not stand still: new technologies are being developed, new industries are emerging - and this would not have been possible without lubricants and additives.
Thanks to many years of painstaking work and unique developments by highly qualified experts, EXTROEL GROUP knows how to solve the problem in the field of reducing friction and wear of equipment. We offer customized solutions for manufacturers in various industries (chemical, metallurgical, mining, oil refining, fuel and energy complex, etc.).

That is why the largest companies of the Russian Federation and the CIS

Is a liquid afterburning catalyst designed to modify all types of hydrocarbon fuels.

It belongs to the class of combustion catalysts, i.e. substances that affect the machinery oxidation and change the speed and the fuel combustion process.
Ecopure-Ex is not simply a catalyst but it is a multifunctional system providing synergistic effects.

The history of the creation of the product dates back to the mid-20th century, when scientists were tasked with developing an additive that could reduce the smokiness of the hydrocarbon-driven equipment located in indoor industries (mines, hangars, etc.) in order to protect the health of the workers.

But, after some years, the project was frozen. EXTROEL GROUP experts have retrieved and improved this chemical formula, giving it new better properties and qualities.

As a result of the long-term work of the Soviet scientists, a unique multicomponent product was created that could not only reduce harmful emissions, but also significantly extend the life of working equipments and machineries.

In the last decades, this product was further perfected, through numerous industrial tests, thus improving its chemical formula and reducing its environmental impact.

The use of this liquid additive for engine
Increases the power of the engine
Reduces the fuel consumption
Reduces the engine stiffness caused by the friction
Reduces harmful emissions
Reduces wear on the piston-cylinder group of ICE
Safe to use
Non toxic
Non radioactive
Unlimited shelf life
No storage & transportation special conditions
Increases the efficiency of the engine

Protect the active sites of the catalysts from the external environmental agents, are destroyed by energy exposure and release the active site for catalytic interaction, whereas degradation products due to the presence of microbubble garlands additionally; contribute to the optimization of the chemical reactions chains


Protect the combustion chamber from destruction by forming an epitaxial film on its surface


Activate a chain of chemical reactions and provide the oxygen transfer to the postcombustion phase

Lower the energy barrier due to fuel ignition
Preserve the physic and chemical properties of the fuel
Reduces the temperature and the burning rate, lowers the energy barrier
Burns the fuel residues by transferring part of the oxygen from the flash phase to the afterburning phase
Carries out hot cleaning of the accumulated combustion waste and protects systems from clogging
Reduces the fuel consumption and increases the engine power
It is not a cleaning agent for deposits in the gas tank and in the fuel system, nor does it react chemically with deposits
Provides water binding during fuel flooding (1.5-2%)
Creates a coaxial protective film in the combustion chamber
Reduces exhaust gas toxicity and smoke up to 70%
Reduces the engine sensitivity to fuel quality
Improves energy efficiency, high completeness of the combustion process and respect of the environment regardless of the initial quality of the fuel oil
Guarantees the usage of fuel contaminated with water up to 30%
Provides the possibility of using cheaper low-grade fuel oils with a higher viscosity and sulfur content
Creates drainage fuel oil stations due to the exclusion from the technology of fuel for the preparation of operations for thermal sedimentation and drainage of ordinary moisture from fuel oil

Increases the shelf life of fuel oil by 5 or more times, non-segregating ability is observed for a long time
Reduces the carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide emissions by 3 to 4 times
Offers a full protection of the fuel system components, reducing the maintenance and repair costs
Reduces the emission and the particle size of soot during combustion
Binds and deactivates free radicals of sulfur and vanadium in the fuel of the boiler
Reduces the fuel oil specific consumption by 5-10% maintaining the standard boiler loads
Guarantees a finely atomized water-fuel emulsion, a more reliable injection and a steadier combustion even at low heating temperatures, up to 50-70 °C
For gasoline and diesel engines
For fuel oil and heating oil
Automobile transport
All types of internal combustion engine vehicles: mopeds, motorcycles, cars, buses, vans, campers, trucks, trailers, tractors & agricultural machines, operating machines, vehicles with atypical characteristics, forklifts and others.
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